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“Chase was very helpful with our questions about their email broadcasting system! Their staff makes it easy to get the answers you’re looking for!”Aubrey Stewart | Ghan and Cooper Commercial
“Retail Lease Trac has been a wonderful resource for our Commercial real estate business. I needed a little clarification about how to drill down in a search and print, and Chase Stone didn’t treat me like the fool I felt I was. Great service, great information, easy to use, and friendly. Thanks!”Lorna Sura | KNG Realty
“I own a boutique retail brokerage company in Michigan and our team uses Retail Lease Trac for a variety of purposes. First we use it to acquire customer and client contact information which is generally very current. Secondly, we have used RLT for email blasts to promote some of our properties. What surprised us when using RLT as a marketing tool, is the very good responses we received which means that the retailers use RLT as well. We recommend this.”Cohn Commercial Properties
“Great tech support and good info on retailer contacts.”Edward Schmidt | NAI Miami
“Been with RLT for years, and they are a great resource! It matters greatly that they update their database as frequently as they do.”Jeff Campbell | Director of Marketing and Business Development at Carlsbad Department of Development
“Retail lease Trac is a great program and has been a vital part of my business. Chase Stone has been helpful on numerous occasions and I highly recommend this program.”Jacob Rosberg | Cohn Commercial Properties
“We have been a customer of Retail Lease Trac for over 8 years. The database is easy to use and very accurate. A “must have” resource in your research toolbox.”Meredith Boland | Katz & Associates
“To the Tune of Jingle Bells…Wishing the folks at Retail Lease Trac a Happy Holidays! We thank them for the great contacts they help us reach!”LM Commercial
“Retail Lease trac has been a great tool to have!! RLT has not only reduce my time but most important gave the direct contacts I need to reach out! I highly recommend RLT for anyone or business that’s in the industry!”Kris Krstovski | President at K2 Retail Construction Services, Inc
“RLT is a great lead generation source with useful and accurate information.”Debra Spadafora | Vice President Commercial Real Estate Division at EWM Realty International
“We have used retail lease trac for years. It’s great for lead generation and identifying new concepts entering into new markets. Contact database is very accurate.”Carrie Murray | Marketing & Communications Director at Weingarten Realty
“These guys Rock. Shelby Martins research is A1+++”Brent Shryock
“Great tool, very helpful and useful information. Staff goes over the top in helping when requested.”Jim Mason | Director of Economic and Community Development at Elk City, Oklahoma
“As a newer agent to the retail leasing world I use Retail Lease Trac often when wanting to know which retailers are looking to open/grow/expand in my state, and my market specifically, and who the necessary contacts are for that retailer by visiting this one website. It helps to smooth over the once cold calling approach to our business when after a little research you can call on them and introduce your site before they have had a chance to call on a competitor’s location.”Jeffrey Kurtz | Commercial Realtor/Retail Leasing at High Associates Ltd.
“I am the director of real estate for Royal Carpet Development Co and have found Retail Lease Trac to be one of the best new innovative tools in the industry. Its detailed information, especially contact info for national businesses, has saved us huge amounts of time. In the past we were forced to do intense internet searches or go thru endless levels of phone calls to reach the right person, now we login to Retail Lease Trac and the information is at our fingertips. I highly encourage anyone in commercial real estate, from developer to broker, to take advantage of what Retail Lease Trac has to offer. It will be the best investment you can make for your business.”Randy Eiland | Director of Real Estate at Royal Carpet Development Co.
“Great addition to my current retail database. Simplicity when you are in a hurry and great customer service. I have been using for years.”Shannon Martin

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