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The Largest & Most Accurate Retail Tenant Directory Of Currently Expanding Retailers In The Industry For Over 40 Years

Since 1984, Retail Lease Trac’s Retail Tenant Database gives you access to thousands of currently expanding retailer’s expansion contacts with continuously updated expansion plans, desired demographics, direct contact information & more. 

Find Expanding Retailers Looking
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Direct Retailer Contact Info

Direct contact information includes email addresses, office numbers, cell phone numbers, company and headquarters address, etc.


Retailer Expansion Plans

Current retail expansion plans include what area they are looking to expand into such as market, city, county, state, region, etc.


Retailer Facility Requirements

This includes current number of stores, desired number of stores in the next 12 to 24 months, desired square footage, etc.

We Have Provided Expanding Retailer Data To Our Customers For Decades

We serve everyone who needs to fill vacancies. Our customers comprise of commercial brokers, economic development councils (EDCs), real estate developers, investors, shopping center owners, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and more.

Searching, Exporting, Broadcasting & More...

Fill your vacant retail space with currently expanding retailers who are looking for a space like yours. With our always up-to-date commercial real estate tenant leads database you will get expansion plans, demographic information and continuously updated direct contact information.

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Find retailers looking for a space like yours. We make prospecting & canvassing easy for you. Simply input your vacant retail space’s criteria (Retail Tenant Categories, Square Footage, USA States/Canadian Provinces, Building Types, etc).



Our database of commercial retail tenants is overflowing with expanding retail concepts. You will be able to export ALL the expanding retailer information we have so you can save it to a PDF/Spreadsheet or upload it to your CRM/Email Marketing tools.



We make it easy for your company to make a good first impression with expanding retailers and your continued commercial real estate marketing efforts. Our email marketing tools will help you find the top retail tenants to mix with your current tenants.


Excellent Customer Service

No one likes to sit on hold or have to interact with an auto attendant robot. When you call us, we answer. Speak to a real person and get the help you need immediately.

Retail Lease Trac’s normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern. Reach out via phone, email or live chat.


Top-Notch Research Department

We find the contact information for currently expanding retailers so you don’t have to. Our research team reaches out directly to retailer real estate contacts and verifies contact information, expansion plans, required demographics, etc.

Every record in our retail tenant database is updated on a 120 day cycle. Thousands of data points are verified and updated every day.


One-On-One Virtual Training Sessions

Get personalized one-on-one training on Retail Lease Trac’s best practices so you can find and connect with retail tenants fast.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Retail Lease Trac Reviews & Testimonials

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“Retail Lease Trac enables you to save hours in research and database work. All the who’s who of retailers in your market area are within reach. When I get a new listing I know there is a tenant in the database that will match my space offered. And the information is confirmed and good so there are no bounce backs. When a landlord asks who is in the market and what size is desired, I can find a list of potential tenants in just minutes. This is a great listing tool as well. I would recommend this valuable asset for all professionals in the business.”

Steve Liu

NAI Capital, Orange County

“Retail Lease Trac has consistently stayed up to date with the newest information available. Over the past year, we haven’t experienced a single issue with this resource. The customer support has been friendly and, more importantly, helpful when the time came to call on them. The user interface is straightforward and simple with the ability to get much more refined if specific data is needed. And, while most businesses have reflected the impact of Covid, Retail Lease Trac hasn’t shown a single hiccup. Everything runs smoothly and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

Stephen Latham

Greater Jackson Alliance

“As the owner of a boutique retail brokerage/consulting firm, I have used Retail Lease Trac to identify tenant expansion plans and confirm contact information for tenant reps. The information has been accurate and it has enabled me to initiate conversations between LL/T that may otherwise not have happened. This has been particularly helpful during the past year. I recommend Retail Lease Trac as one of the tools retail brokers should have in their toolbox.”

Barbara Tria

Coral Pine Real Estate, LLC

“Been with RLT for years, and they are a great resource! It matters greatly that they update their database as frequently as they do.”

Jeff Campbell

Carlsbad Department of Development

“We have been a customer of Retail Lease Trac for over 8 years. The database is easy to use and very accurate. A “must have” resource in your research toolbox.”

Meredith Boland

Katz & Associates

“Retail lease Trac is a great program and has been a vital part of my business. Chase Stone has been helpful on numerous occasions and I highly recommend this program.”

Jacob Rosberg

Cohn Commercial Properties


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