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Welcome to RLT, the largest online database of currently expanding retailers for anyone looking to fill retail vacancies like commercial real estate broker professionals, landlords, EDCs (economic development councils), real estate developers, investors and property managers. RLT’s industry-leading retail tenant database will guide you to find and connect with thousands of retailers in your area that are looking to expand, helping your team quickly lease your space and fill vacancies.

Not only can you find us online but we regularly attend major ICSC shows as well.

A retail tenant database is a directory of companies looking for commercial retail space so they can thrive in that space as a retail tenant. Retailer databases also include more information on expanding retailers such as: demographic data, direct contact info, lease requirements, facility requirements, population data, traffic count data, etc.
Commercial real estate brokers & firms (listing agents & tenant reps), EDCs (economic development councils), shopping center owners, real estate investors, real estate developers, etc.

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Retail Lease Trac has been in business for around 30 years. The retail tenant data used to be sold physically on paper. Years later the information was sold as a floppy disk. For many years now we sell our information on our website at rltrac.com.
To all tenant reps and retailers looking to be added to our database, please email our research department at research@rltrac.com
Our Commercial Retail Tenant Search Technology is available in all 50 states in the USA and Canada. RLT uses targeted marketing solutions to put you in contact with retailers that are interested in your property based on factors like square footage, location, building type, etc.
The RLT retail tenant directory is updated extensively every 120 days by the RLT Research Department. Coupled with powerful direct communication tools, it makes finding retail tenants and filling your commercial space faster than ever before! Sign up today for a FREE trial and see how RLT can help you find retail tenants to fill your space fast.
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RLT’s Database Is OVERFLOWING With Detailed Retailer Expansion Plan Info

  • Company’s Street Address
  • Company’s City
  • Company’s State or Province
  • Company’s Country
  • Company’s Phone Number
  • Company’s Fax Number
  • Company’s Website
  • Franchised?
  • Publicly Traded?
  • Contact’s Name
  • Contact’s Title
  • Contact’s Street Address
  • Contact’s City
  • Contact’s State or Province
  • Contact’s Country
  • Contact’s Phone Number
  • Contact’s Fax Number
  • Contact’s Email Address
  • Contact’s Website
  • Region of Representation
  • Retail Categories
  • Current Number of Stores
  • Desired Number of Stores
  • Currently Expanding?
  • Desired Square Footage
  • Desired Facility Types
  • Specific Retailer Comments
  • Desired Customer Base
  • Demographic Comments

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