Retail Tenants in TexasIf you’re a developer that owns storefront properties, retail spaces, or office buildings, then you need a quick and easy way to find new tenants. At RL Trac, our goal is to help you reach prospective leasee, scanning thousands of online databases and business records to bring you insider information about the local real estate market. Our online system connects you to the largest directory of retail tenants and commercial property leasee.

How long does it take your company to find high-quality business tenants? The vacancy rate of your property plays an enormous role in overall profits, so it’s imperative that your company has an effective way to advertise the space and sign new leases quickly. RLTrac is the answer to this problem – serving as an online commercial tenant directory in all 50 states and Canada.

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Find Tenants in Minutes

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign in to the secure online portal through RL Trac. Your membership plan can be customized to fit your marketing goals, like whether you operate in a single US state or multiple. Up to three users can also access the account at any time.
  • Create a custom search to find tenants that are looking for property like yours. Customize your search based on square footage, building type, retailer category, or parking lot size to find exactly which tenants match your property’s specifications. In the results, you will find business names and corporate chains that are searching for new locations.
  • Generate leads with custom email lists. Once you have a list of potential leasee, you can send mass emails, property brochures, or other portfolios to advertise your space. You can also click on a specific business for the contact information of the corporate real estate manager or broker.

RLTrac enhances your commercial property’s marketing strategy. The content that you promote is every bit as important as who you send it to. Our job is to make sure the right audience is seeing your property.

Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Texas

If you own commercial properties in Texas, then you understand that the real estate market can be competitive. Any advantage in finding new leasee and promoting your location could be the difference in long-term success or year-round vacancy. Businesses across the country are looking to expand into markets throughout Texas, like Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Find the businesses that are searching for your retail property with RL Trac.

About Us

Founded in 1989 in Atlanta Georgia, Retail Lease Trac was developed by experts in the real estate industry. Since then, our program has expanded across the country, listing thousands of contacts in all 50 states. Our staff is committed to helping you lease your property with our industry-leading tenant finder. RLTrac staff is available for troubleshooting or any questions you may have.

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