The Nordstrom flagship store contains seven bars and restaurants.

NEW YORK — Walk past the $2,500 studded Saint Laurent boots and $995 Versace sneakers at Nordstrom’s newly minted flagship store, and you’ll end up at its most buzzed-about attraction: the full bar.

Shoe Bar, as it’s aptly called, specializes in $17 cocktails with names like Billionaire and Husband Daycare. It sells wine by the glass, half a dozen craft beers, and plates of chicken wings and meatballs. And by 4 p.m. most days, it’s packed.

“What better experience is there? It is the most fabulous thing,” said Kathy Miller, 70, of Carefree, Ariz., who recently stopped in for a couple of whiskey sours — and Aquatalia boots. Her friend, Lora Laukitis, 67, was shopping for sneakers. But first: a double shot of tequila.

“To attract shoppers these days, you have to…

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