Los Angeles Tenant FinderWhat’s the most effective way to find new tenants for your commercial space? The key to leasing these properties is effective marketing. You need a system than can connect you to the target audience: high-quality commercial leasee. RLTrac is the most advanced way to reach potential leasee and sign a lease faster than ever.

RLTrac is an online database of businesses that are looking for commercial properties. Our system aggregates information from all 50 states to bring you an in-depth at the local real estate market. Our tenant directory features thousands of prospective lessees and gives you online tools to contact them in just a few clicks.

If you own commercial property in Los Angeles, then RLTrac is the fastest way to find new tenants. Ready to try it out? Sign up today for a FREE trial.

Find Tenants in Minutes

RLTrac doubles as an online hub for tenant contact information and an easy-to-use marketing system. The tenant directory scans thousands of databases, business records, and real estate systems to bring game-changing insight to your company. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign-in to the secure RLTrac online portal. From here, you can access a wide variety of marketing tools. Our system is updated at least three times annually to adapt to a changing commercial real estate market.
  • Search for retail tenants using customized search options. What are tenants in your area looking for? Find results based on preferences like: square footage, facility type, parking lot size, location, retail category, and more.
  • Contact the business owner. Once you have a list of prospective business tenants, you can use our built-in email system to send portfolios or marketing emails about the property. You can also find business-specific information so that you can contact the corporate real estate manager or broker.

The RLTrac system was designed by experts in commercial real estate. Our team is constantly gathering information and expanding the results, making the industry’s largest database even bigger.

Sign a Lease Faster: Los Angeles, California

The market for retail property in Los Angeles is heating up. The city is growing quickly and thousands of businesses are looking for new locations. Traditional marketing plans force tenants to contact you. How can you find them and directly showcase your property? RLTrac is your all-in-one solution, providing retail tenant information across the state of California. Our database currently contains thousands of results across Southern California.

About Us

Retail Lease Trac was started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. Since then, our business has quickly expanded throughout the United States, reshaping the way businesses market their commercial property. RLTrac membership comes with more than just retail information, but also includes full-time support and troubleshooting, online access for up to three accounts, and one-click mailing lists.

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