How To Find Retail Tenants Looking For Space

Here’s the top 3 best ways to find retail tenants that are actively looking for space.

#1) List Your Space Online

“If you’re looking to acquire a piece of property or you’re preparing for an upcoming vacancy, you may not yet need a broker to help you find a tenant.

Maybe you’re in the early planning stages trying to put a proforma together and just want to see what market rates and terms are.

Options like Loopnet, CREXi, and Craigslist allow you to scratch the surface and familiarize yourself with the market so that you at least have a basic understanding of what you’re looking at.”

This is broken down in detail on Tyler Cauble’s blog post in a video he created.


#2) Work with a Commercial Broker

“If you cannot seem to fill the space on your own, it may be worth reaching out to a commercial broker and listing your property through them. While this may cost you some money up front, a broker can help locate tenants who are perfect matches for the location. Brokers have access to databases and large customer pools who are actively looking for the right space for their business. They can take your space’s specifications and pair them with a location hunter with similar desires when it comes to budget, size, zoning, access, and location.”

This is an excerpt from Parcel Pending’s website.


#3) Use a Retail Tenant Database like Retail Lease Trac

A retail tenant database is a directory of companies looking for commercial retail space so they can thrive in that space as a retail tenant. Retailer databases also include more information on expanding retailers such as: demographic data, direct contact info, lease requirements, facility requirements, population data, traffic count data, etc.

Who uses Retail Lease Trac?

Commercial real estate brokers & firms (listing agents & tenant reps), EDCs (economic development councils), shopping center owners, real estate investors, real estate developers, etc.

Call, email & broadcast to thousands of retailer real estate contacts directly.

You get access to thousands of currently expanding CRE leads with direct contact info, expansions plans, desired facility types, desired demographics & more.

Easily send your marketing flyer directly to real estate contacts.

You can create and send an unlimited amount of broadcast emails. We will even help you create them.

Export every piece of data our Research Department has collected.

You can export the lists you create as much as you like in pdf or excel file formats. We give you all the data of every record in your exports.

Is the information accurate?

For over 30 years Retail Lease Trac’s dedicated Research Department has updated each contact in the database every 120 days. Most of the time sooner. Hundreds of updates are completed daily.

Retail Lease Trac matches you with retail tenants instantly.

Simply do a search inside of Retail Lease Trac and the database will take your space’s criteria and match you with retailers currently looking for a space like yours.

Everyone uses Retail Lease Trac’s retail tenant database.

Commercial brokers, developers, EDCs, shopping center owners and more use Retail Lease Trac every day to find retail tenants.

Our customers LOVE the information we provide.

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