The economic struggles that our country has faced the last few years have been the worst in decades. The downturn of our economy has affected not just retail stores but also the property managers that rent their property out to them. Many businesses have taken hits from the poor economy and have had to close their doors permanently. If a business fails then property owners must try to rent out the space to someone new. With all the open spaces now, renting out commercial property is a competitive business. New businesses often have their pick of spaces and that often means they can control what they will end up paying for rented space.  It can be a difficult and tedious process to try to find retailers to fill your space. Retail tenants’ software can make finding a tenant much easier!

The search becomes quite easy when you have a service like this on your side. You can enter the square footage of your space, the facility type, the location, and the type of retailer you are looking for. The search results will find the potential retail tenants seeking that kind of space. You will find many possible tenants for your space whose need the type of space you have. This software allows its users to save and manage searches as well as broadcast emails. When you have searched for retail tenants you can then send them an email with more information about your property. With retail tenant software you can create templates, save searches, insert documents, and send the email from their server or yours.  This is not just limited to one area.

 No matter what state your property is in, you can find the right retail tenants for your space. This kind of software is subscription based so you can come back year after year or just for as long as you are in the market for a new tenant for your commercial property. You purchase the user name and password so you can access your account anywhere there is an internet connection. Therefore you can handle your business anywhere and everywhere regardless of how busy your schedule. You do not want to be stuck with empty spaces for long when a company leaves or closes so do not waste time with inefficient outdated ways of trying to find someone to fill the space. There is no better way to find tenants than the easy and efficient process of using retail tenant software.

Businesses are looking to expand. Retail Space Availability to say the lease is competitive. It is important for landlords and commercial real estate agents to gain these valuable Retail Tenants before they find space with someone else. To accomplish this would take many hours of work trying to determine who is looking and what these prospective tenants are looking for.  However, there is an easy solution. offers data that provides up to date information with all the data one would need to actively find retail tenants. This data put an agent in the game with first hand information and criteria to match expanding retailer’s needs.

RLTRAC is one of the nations top data aggregates with data about all major retailers’ expansion plans. Their services include software management platforms that even make it easier to manage this data successfully.

Their core services include: Search for Retailers, Contact Management System, Broadcast Emails, Excel Exports, Data and Label Printing, and Research Requests. These services will all allows their users a competitive advantage. Their management system allows control and ease of contact. This is essential to allowing for broad base contact reach and exploration. Their system is definitely a smart way to fill spaces and find tenants.

Retail Leasing is competitive. If one business depends on being proactive and having first hand information; their service can be a lifeline. Their data levels the playing field and provides opportunities.

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With all of the resorts and vacation spots in Florida it has never been very hard to find tenants for commercial locations. Unfortunately, the recent economic down turn has started to affect rental market and it is becoming increasingly difficult for owners of Retail Leasing Florida to find viable renters. In order to fill their vacancies, landlords are constantly looking for better ways to locate and connect with potential renters. So far the best solution is online applications that are dedicated to Retail Leasing Florida. To find the best application for your needs it should include a few important features like:

· It should be browser based. If the application works entirely within the browser then you never have to worry about if your computer is compatible with the software. As long as you can open up your web browser, you can use the software. It also makes it much easier to keep your work mobile. You are no longer tied to having to drive in to the office and use a specific computer. If you have a laptop and a fast internet connection then you could be searching for tenants.

· It should have flexible search criteria. When you want to find Retail Tenants Florida, you need to be able to search in a variety of ways. A good application will allow you to search by name of company, type of facility, size of facility and where it is located. Once you have come up with your perfect search criteria the software should have a feature that will let you save it for future use as well as save any of the search results that you have found so far. It makes it much faster when you are ready to start contacting renters.

· It should contain up to date data. These programs are at their core a database of potential renters that are interested in hearing from you. Once the renters have found a location or their needs change then they should be removed from the pool of potential renters. To do that the contact database needs to be checked periodically to make sure that all of the potential renters are still in the market for a rental space.

Retail Lease Trac meets all of the criteria listed above and has been successfully Finding Retail Tenants in Florida for over 25 years. Retail Lease Trac works in your browser with no need for installation and the contact database is personally verified by phone every 120 days to ensure that they are the most accurate in the business.

If you look around Georgia you will see a lot of retail spaces standing vacant. It is not because they are in bad locations or because the rent is too high. In most cases it is simply that the landlords do not know how to Find Retail Tenants Georgia. Advertising in the paper and on billboards is no longer enough to keep the spaces filled. To be successful you need to be proactive and reach out to the renters directly but how do you find them? Online applications like Retail Lease Trac. The people behind Retail Lease Trac are experts in Retail Leasing Georgia and have been helping to find renters for over 25 years. The application is easy to use but offers a host of features including:

· A user defined search function. You can Find Retail Tenants Georgia by what they are specifically interested in like location, size of space, type of facility and even a specific name, if you know who you want to contact. Once you have found the perfect search parameters you can save them to use again and again.

· A built in contact management system. This system holds all of your search results and templates on the company server so there is no danger of loss and you can access them whenever you want. It makes the contact phase of the process much easier because you can use the contact management system to send out broadcast emails to all of your prospective renters. With a few changes you can even make the emails look like they originate from your business email address.

· Data and label printing. If you prefer to contact your prospects for Retail Leasing Georgia by regular mail then you can use the application to print mailing labels based off of your search results. You can also make hard copies of any of the data or even export it into other programs like an excel spreadsheet.

· It allows you to be mobile. Each user is tied to a specific email address so any of the results from the program are sent to that address. That means that you can use any computer that you want from anywhere with an internet connection.

The best selling point of Retail Lease Trac is not so much a feature as a way of doing business. They want to make sure that their clients have the best chance of success so they personally ensure their data is valid. Every 120 days an agent will contact the potential tenants in the database to see if their circumstances have changed. That dedication has led Retail Lease Trac to becoming the most accurate in the industry when it comes to Retail Leasing Data Georgia.

There are a lot of financial analysts that say commercial rental properties will see improvement in 2011. Unfortunately, that is still in the future and there are a lot of landlords that need help finding quality tenants immediately. There are many different ways to increase your property’s visibility through advertising and marketing tactics but they take a lot of time to show results. The fastest way to get your commercial property rented is to start using retail leasing software like Retail Lease Trac. It allows you to go directly to the source and find tenants that are actively looking for commercial space. Here are 5 ways that Retail Lease Trac allows you to work smarter and not harder:

1. Customizable search – The database of contacts is fully searchable and you can set your own parameters. It allows you to search for tenants by company name, the amount of space that they need, type of facility that they need and location that they are interested in. Once you have finished your research, your custom searches and all of the results can be saved to the company servers to prevent accidental loss.

2. The program is online – You never have to worry about downloading new software updates or installing programs that may conflict with your computer. All of the work is done in your web browser so that you can search for tenants anytime, day or night. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection you can get your work done from anywhere in the world. It is a lot better than having to drive into work just to use a specialized piece of software or access a file.

3. Built in email – The application allows you to send broadcast emails to all of the potential tenants in your search results. It can even be made to look like it originates from your business email account to make it easily identifiable.

4. Built in label maker – If you want to do a traditional mail campaign in addition to email, Retail Lease Trac allows for that too. You can feed your contact lists into the label maker to have them printed out and ready to put on an envelope.

5. Accuracy – There are a lot of databases that say that they can offer you leads but how accurate are they? People may have changed their minds and are no longer interested in rental property but haven’t been removed from the list. Retail Lease Trac gets in touch with all 6,000 of their contacts every 120 days to insure that they are still viable.

There are many different types of retail leasing software on the market but you have to be careful which you choose to use. Anyone can say that they will help you Find Retail Tenants but how good are their prospects? Do they ever recheck their information to make sure that the Retail Tenants are still in the market for rental space?

The accuracy of the data used by their Retail Leasing Software is Retail Lease Trac’s biggest advantage over the competition. They can honestly say that their Retail Leasing leads are 95% reliable. That is because they take the extra time to go back and recheck the data on a regular basis. Every 120 days fact checkers will call all the potential retail tenants in the database to see if anything has changed in their situation. They want to make sure that when one of their clients finds a suitable tenant using their software that the tenant will be in the market for a retail lease and ready to start negotiations.

Their software package is easy to use and does not tether you to a single computer. How many times have you wanted to get a little work done at home but a program that you need is on your office computer? Access to their Retail Leasing Software is given through your web browser using a subscription service. That gives you the ability to log onto the service from any computer with an internet connection at any time of the day or night.

The database of possible Retail Tenants is fully searchable and you can organize your searches by specific variables. Do you need to find a company that wants to rent space of a specific square foot or a company that is looking for a specific type of facility? You can search using many different parameters to narrow down your list and Find Retail Tenants. You can even search by name, if you know exactly who you want to contact.

Once you have found a list of people that you want to contact using the search functions then you can save the lists for later use. You can send each person on the list your marketing material directly from the Retail Leasing Software. You can even configure it so that it looks like the email originated from your business email account. If you would rather contact them with an old fashioned postal mail out, you can do that too. The application has a label maker that will go down the list that you saved earlier and print a mailing label for each person on the list. Retail Lease Trac has made the task of Retail Leasing so much easier that you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Times are hard and there are a lot of retail units standing empty at the moment. It is getting increasingly difficult for landlords to locate qualified prospects for their units. Just putting out advertisements and working with real estate agents is no longer enough to ensure success. If you are trying to get a renter for your retail space then you need to get retail leasing software. All you have to do to get started is buy a subscription to the service and open up your web browser. Once you are familiar with the application it will help you to Find Retail Tenants in no time.

You will no longer have to sit back and hope for results. Retail Leasing Software will give you the ability to Find Retail Tenants any time of the day or night. You can organize your search for prospects by how much room they need, where they want the space to be located and what kind of facility that they want. If you know exactly which company that you would want to rent your space but don’t know where to find them, you can even search through the list by the company name. Once you have your perfect search criteria in place the Retail Leasing Software will save your search terms as well as the lists of retail tenants that you have found.

Once you have done all of your searching then you will have a few options on how to proceed. Most retail leasing software will allow you to send emails to the prospects straight from the program or using your email server. If you would rather send out your mass mailing the old fashion way, you can use the internal label making program. It can utilize the information from your search results to print off mailing labels for everyone on the list. If you would rather keep your contacts organized in your favorite program like Act or Outlook, the Retail Leasing Software will allow you to export the data into a file that those programs can read.

Retail Leasing has finally come into its own with the introduction of Retail Leasing Software. Finding Retail Tenants used to be a hit or miss affair that counted more on luck than skill. Now you can target the type of tenants that you want, contact them through email or post and keep track of the entire affair all in one easy to use application.





Real estate was never an easy field to break into and it has become nearly impossible in recent years. Agents and Brokers are scrambling to find buyers for residential housing and commercial rental properties are standing vacant wherever you turn. New businesses are starting every day, so you know tenants are out there but where should you look?

The professionals at Retail Lease Trac know how hard it is to fill retail properties and have created Retail Leasing Software to help agents Find a Retail Tenant. It is a subscription based system that allows you to access their database of tenants from any computer with an internet connection. The tenants in the database are contacted every 120 days to see if their need for commercial property has changed in any way. That lets them run at over a 90% accuracy rate within a 120 day period.

The retail lease software has a full featured search function that allows you to look for tenants based on their individual needs. You can refine the search by what square footage the tenant wants, what type of facility they want and what state they are searching in. If you really want to work with a specific business then you can search tenants by name too.

Once you have searched out your perfect list of prospects, you can save the search parameters to use again. Then you can take advantage of the built in email function. It lets you send out broadcast emails to everyone on your list with any kind of marketing material that you would want to include. You can even configure the email to look like it is coming from your business email, instead of from the Retail Leasing Software.

For those of you that like to keep your information organized in your favorite software that is no problem. The search and contact information can be imported into Excel spreadsheets and contact managers like ACT and Outlook. There is no need to learn a new document type, if you would rather stick with your standard office programs.

The application is not limited to only helping you with your internet based marketing. There is a label making program built in that can use the contact information to generate mailing labels. That function alone makes it worth the money, since we all know how long it can take to get all the envelopes ready for a mass mailing.  For more information, visit Retail Lease Trac about Retail Leasing Software

The benefits of a web base retail leasing software:

What do you supposes is the most important thing to look at when choosing retail leasing software? Some might say it’s the ease of use or the pricing plans but I don’t think so. I believe it is getting the contact information of the possible tenant and how accurate that information is. After all, you can have online leasing software that is dirt cheap but if it doesn’t offer you solid leads for future renters then you are still overpaying. The same goes for ease of use. I will not use retail leasing software that doesn’t generate results regardless of how easy it would be to do. So, if you want to find retail tenants with online software, then there are a few pieces of information to look for:

  • What state does the software cover and is there an additional price to add more states?
  • What type of facility is the prospect looking for? If they have a restaurant then they would be more likely to want a stand alone building in a anchor stores parking lot rather than a space in a strip mall between two pawn shops. It is all about location after all.
  • What square footage does the prospect need? This is one of the most important search terms since it can weed out all of the renters that would not apply to your situation.
  • Who are the key decision makers and how can they be contacted? Do they supply their email address or phone number? This information is crucial. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect tenant to fit your needs but having absolutely no way to contact them.
  • What are the retailers expansion plans? If they plan on growing quickly then you may want to give them a space that allows for that future expansion. If you were to put them in too small a space with not option then you are setting yourself up to lose a tenant in a year or two.


These are all factors that you should look for in retail leasing software. It will also be a big help if the retail leasing software that you choose has emailing tied into the system. That way as you search and build your list of possible you are also building a mailing list. When you finish you can send a broadcast email to all of the people on your list with your marketing material attached. This feature alone with save you hours or even days of emailing depending on how big your prospect list is. Some of the better retail leasing solutions will even let you print out the prospects contact information on mailing labels to streamline the entire marketing process. Why not do some research and start using an online retail leasing solution today?

The easy way to lease your retail spaces!

With the recent downturn in our economy there are more and more retail spaces standing vacant. This is mainly because the people leasing the spaces cannot find viable renters nearby but how are they searching? Advertising your space for rent and running local advertising is just not enough anymore. If you want to fill that empty space you need to find retail tenants quickly and easily, the answer is retail leasing software. That is software that includes a searchable database of retailers actively searching for retail space in your area.

You need retail leasing software like Retail Lease Trac, which has been helping people find tenants since the early 1980’s. It started as books, became floppy disks and finally grew to be a fully searchable web application. You do not have to worry about downloading and installing complex programs that you may not have the technical knowledge to handle. It is all done right there in your web browser so you can access what you need wherever you can get a connection to the internet. It could not be easier to use.

The most important thing to look for when dealing with a retail leasing solution is the quality of the information provided. If the leads that you get are outdated or no longer interested then they are not worth paying a membership price. They need to be constantly checked and rechecked by the software company to ensure that you get your moneys worth. The people at Retail Lease Trac know that and guarantee that every leads is checked every 120 days by either phone or email. That gives them a 90-95 accuracy rate when it comes to the leads that they give their clients.

It is one of the easiest retail leasing software on the market to use and understand. Since you do not download an application, you do not have to worry with an install or licensing concerns. Just sign up and get an individual username and password that will allow you access to the system. These are tied to the individual user so if you need multiple people in your office to be using the service at once then you will need to upgrade your plan to add the additional users.

Since they are constantly improving and expanding their service, Retail Lease Trac gives its clients access to their research department. If you think of a feature that you want or an idea for the software, just contact the research department and it may get added. Are you looking for a specific retailer in database but can’t find it? Just contact the research department. They will help you find the retailer that you are searching for and will add it to the database for future reference. If you are looking for help with retail leasing you cannot go wrong with Retail Lease Trac! Contact them today to get started with your free trial.